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Shop for your preferred tyre by size, brand or grade and have them delivered and fitted at any location in Nigeria TYREPRO NG BUY A TYRE
Buying Tyres Online in Nigeria Fit your Tyre
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With our mobile fitting centres, you can replace your tyre anywhere,have your wheels balanced, tyre repaired and battery replaced. MOBILE FITTING LEARN MORE
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Feeling confused on what your tyre size might be? Check out this straightforward guide to knowing your tyre size. MOBILE FITTING LEARN MORE
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Search for your tyre by price, tyre size, brand, grade or warranty.


Place the order for your tyre setting your desired location of delivery where we shall fit the tyre for you.


Your confirmed order gets packed on one of our mobile fitting vans en route to your location.


Our Mobile Fitting vans come with TyrePros, trained experts in all tyre affairs.

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Mobile Tyre Fitting Anywhere in Nigeria

TyrePro offers the delivery and fitting of tyres you purchase on our platform. Our mobile vans can get to any location in Lagos to offer all tyre services to you. Every mobile fitting van comes with a team of TyrePros, trained experts in wheel balancing, alignment, tyre repairs and other related auto affairs.

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