Mobile Car Tyre & Battery replacement in Lagos, TyrePro delivers on the spot

Before your car battery dies off permanently it must have shown some serious signs. However, it’s just as possible to suffer from unexpected battery failure or a flat tyre. No matter how it happens, it’s not an ideal situation when you have other things to do and places to be. 

A mobile tyre or battery replacement service can have your vehicle back up and running in little to no time. When you call for service, our professional mechanics will come to your location in our mobile fitting vans to switch the dead battery or flat tyre for a new one. It’s almost like taking your car to the mechanic without actually taking your car to the mechanic.

How is a Battery Replacement Done?

Our experts will test your current battery and see if it’s damaged or not. As soon as we arrive on the scene, we carry out car diagnostics to discover the root cause of the problem. If a battery replacement is necessary, then your battery will be replaced with a new one that comes with a warranty.

Signs you might need Battery Replacement


Waiting until the car dies is not the way to go, so replacing your battery when you see signs is necessary. These are six (6) signs that your car battery might be failing:

  • When you start your car, it doesn’t start at once
  • Electrical issues, such as the interior lights or radio malfunctioning or working only sporadically
  • You always need to jumpstart your car
  • Your car battery case looks swollen
  • Your car lights won’t turn on
  • The battery/alternator warning light is on or blinking.

Sometimes life gets hectic and it’s easy to forget your inner lights on after spending hours in traffic. We also forget to properly lock our doors and turn off the radio from time to time. These things happen but remember, they drain your battery too.

Whatever the case may be, we have you covered. You can skip going to the mechanic or repair shop when you need to urgently need a new tyre or battery. So you can call us on our cellphone, even late nights when you need a new battery or tyre replacement.