Best Premium Tyre Brands for your SUV or Truck (know your driving pattern, get results)

Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are fairly popular among the over 11.8 million cars in Nigeria. Although they are more than a few SUVs in the country, there’s a popular misconception that these vehicles are “Jeeps”. They’re also called Trucks sometimes. However, Jeep is only an American brand of SUVs that became popular in Nigeria in the 90s and early 2000s. 

Since then, some drivers have opted for SUVs over sedans mainly for the sturdiness these vehicles offer. SUVs are also known for their superior handling in rough terrains, unfavourable weather conditions and their general robust build.

One of the factors that add to the SUVs versatility is their tyres. Just from eying a regular SUV, you’ll notice their tyres generally appear bigger and stronger than regular tyres. When you consider this, you can imagine how important it is to choose the right tyre brands for your trucks and/or SUVs. After, if you’re going to drive through concrete jungles and weather storms, you might as well have the best tyres on the market.


To help you choose, we’re narrowed down a list of options to three world-renowned brands known for delivering premium quality tyres over the last half a century.



Bridgestone has been making one of the best premium-quality tyres for more than 70 years now so it’s no surprise that they are considered one of the best fits for your SUV.


If you’re planning to take your SUV on rough terrains and really long trips, then you should consider Bridgestone. They are known for their toughness, therefore making them less prone to punctures when compared to a host of other tyre brands.


Also, they are very popular and you can find them pretty easily. So it would not be a problem buying them.



Dunlop is popular for mostly making tyres for motorsport and high-speed racers, but racing tyres are not all they make. In fact, Dunlop is well-known for its off-road tread patterns on its SUV tyres.


These tyres are made for the rough roads, as they provide a firmer hold on loose terrains, such as sand and dirt. While the off-road style tread may not suit every vehicle type, it perfectly complements an SUV.



Yokohama is the preferred tyre brand by many in the trades industry as the tyre brand to equip work vehicles with. In this case, your trucks and SUVs.


These tyres are specially made to withstand heavy strain and harsh conditions of all sorts. Next time you are near a construction site, take a quick glance at the SUVs in the area, and chances are, you will see the Yokohama brand.


There you have it folks, three tyre brands you should look for when shopping for your SUV. Now, it’s important to remember that because these brands a quite popular, it’s also possible that counterfeits have infiltrated the market. 


Your best bet is to pick up one of these brands from a trusted and reputable dealer. If you’re wondering where to find one, we have three words for you – Tyre Pro NG. You’re welcome.