Second-hand Tyres vs New Tyres: Comparison

Buying new tyres in Nigeria can be a daunting experience for many reasons; it could be expensive and sometimes you have no idea if you’re buying an original. Also, the growing market for second-hand tyres offers a cheaper alternative. However, cheaper isn’t always better.

Let’s consider a few factors before making a decision.

Second-Hand Tyres


  1. They are cheaper than new tyres. Even for tyres in really great condition, they usually cost significantly less amount of money.

  2. Any respectable second-hand tyre dealer will rigorously check a tyre before making it available for sale. Do not purchase second-hand tyres if they show serious signs of damage. A tyre should be free of cracks, cuts or swelling and the rubber should show no signs of wearing.

    However, some determined individuals have perfected the art of packaging bad tyres to look like decent products. You should always keep this in mind when buying used tyres.

  3. Extending the life of a tyre through second-hand sales means fewer tyres end up at the dump.

  4. When choosing a second-hand tyre for your car, you should look for one where the tread has been evenly worn. This will ensure it lasts longer.


New Tyres 


  1. It goes without saying that new tyres come in way better condition than used ones.

  2. When you purchase a new tyre you can be confident that it was manufactured fairly recently. Tyres perish with age so you’re guaranteed to use your new tyres till they wear.

  3. New tyres should have no signs of treadwear. However, the tread on second-hand could be partially worn.

All things considered, buying new tyres for your vehicle is preferable to buying second-hand products. However, if the cost of new tyres grossly exceeds your budget, quality second-hand tyres from a reputable dealer are a viable alternative.


If you are still unsure whether to buy new or second-hand tyres for your vehicle, contact us at TyrePro NG and help you assess your options.