5 questions to ask your mechanic

Establishing a relationship with a new mechanic is a big deal. After all, there are dozens of mechanics out there in Lagos and Nigeria. The trick you need to learn is how to tell the difference between experts and frauds, so you can get the best out of any car service you get. 


Let’s dive in

 1. Have you worked on a car like mine before? 

This question is especially important when your car is of foreign make or if you drive a car fueled by diesel. These types of cars require special attention and an expert mechanic. 


Making sure your mechanic is savvy enough to handle your car is one of the best ways to guarantee a good experience. 

2. Does your service offer a free diagnostic? 

On meeting a new mechanic, you should make sure to ask about their car diagnostics process. Our team recommends you get an estimate with concise information before any repairs begin. If any other issues are discovered you should get a call for approval before any new repairs begin. 


There are times when there may be more going on with your car that requires immediate attention and isn’t obvious to the mechanic until they go under the hood. Giving complete information when you bring your vehicle in is very helpful in developing trust with your mechanic.

3. Is there a warranty for replaced parts and services? 

No matter how experienced a mechanic is, car parts are not perfect. So what happens if the mechanic puts a part in your car that fails? Most reputable repair shops deal with this “what if” by providing written guarantees on parts and labour – up to a certain time limit.

4. How do you handle surprise fixes and expenses?

Picture this for a second. You go to a repair shop, you agreed on a price and proceeded to leave. When repairs start on your car, they discovered a cracked hose or punctured pipe that needs to be fixed. 


5. What do they do? 

Knowing the answer to this question can mean the difference between paying for work you agreed on, and walking into the shop to discover an unexpected bill that’s much higher than what you agreed to pay. Be sure to ask in advance how your mechanic will handle unexpected repairs


Choosing a new mechanic can be challenging and frustrating the numerous quacks out here. Fortunately, TyrePro is here to make it easier. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule your first appointment with our car professionals.