How to put air in your Car or Truck Tyres

Your car’s tyres play many vital roles in the safety and function of your car –  from helping you navigate twists and turns, to carrying the full weight of your car. That’s why it’s extremely important to note how much air or pressure your tyres are filled with.

Whether you’re driving an older vehicle where you monitor your tyre pressure by yourself or a newer car model that will keep track of it for you, the recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle is usually found on the side of the car door. 

It’s always a good idea to have a mobile air compressor at home so you can easily pump up your tyres. Next, there are different smaller tyre inflators that can be powered by traditional 120v outlets for garage use.

Also, modern technology has birthed pumps specifically designed to be portable, powered either by a rechargeable battery, your vehicle’s interior power outlet or its main battery. They’re very affordable and they don’t take up much space so you can keep them in your vehicle for any emergency.

Remember that if you drive a larger car like a truck or SUV you’ll probably need to pick an inflator with a bigger pump capacity. Heavy-Duty vehicles require higher tyre pressure that some compressors may not be able to achieve.

Many of these kinds of compressors will have built-in air pressure gauges so it’s easy to know exactly how much air is going in. Whether you’re a seasoned driver or a newbie, there are many options for keeping the proper amount of air in your tyres. The key is to find the information on your car and stick to it. 


Because who wouldn’t want to ensure that they are getting the most of both their tyres and their vehicle itself?