Beware of Used Tyres

Buying used tyres can be an extreme sport. You have to be ready for the unexpected and every unhanded tactic in the book. Some used tyre dealers even go as far as polishing off the rubber of worn tyres to make them appear new. In some cases, the grooves in the tyres are cut and polished to give them better tread depth. 


Although buying used tyres save you money, it comes with considerable risks attached. Even if you are aware of these tricks, you can easily become a victim and this could potentially endanger your life. 


Many Nigerians think the best option is to buy used tyres in seemingly good condition because they’re more affordable than buying new tyres but that isn’t always the best option. It might not be convenient but ask yourself, how much is your life worth?


In 2018, the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), the federal agency that enforces product quality control, confirmed that two Chinese companies alone sold over N5bn worth of used tyres in the country within that year.


They also said the used tyre business attracted a lot of smugglers hoping to get their share of the market. 


Furthermore, recent studies show that the used tyres market will continue to grow bigger, as buying new tyres is beyond the reach of many car owners who are confronted with the rising cost of living and inflation.


However, we at TyrePro can help you find the best and most affordable tyre options for your vehicle. Reach out to us today and we can get you started.