Book an Affordable Car Service online

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of modern living, taking your car into a physical shop isn’t always convenient. Sometimes, you want to know what the issue is before committing to repairs or maintenance. So what do you do in these situations?

You book an online appointment to speak to an expert.


But why should you do this? Is an online service really the best option? How will this help me take care of my car?

These could be some of the doubts running through your mind but rest assured, booking car services online is worth the few minutes it takes.


For starters, it’s convenient. You can handle the entire process from your smartphone all from the comfort of your home or office. For example, booking a service from Tyre Pro NG only requires you to log on to their website and fill out a quick form. You also have the option to call in or speak to a representative on WhatsApp. 


Also, it’s reliable. If a car shop goes through the trouble of setting up an online route to offer you easy access to car services, you can bet they mean business. 


Finally, you can decide on the specific services you need if you feel you have an idea of possible repairs. Better yet, you can consult with a professional when booking. If nothing else, this way allows you to avoid shady roadside mechanics who say your fuel pump is bad when all you need is an oil change. 


With these few points of ours, we hope we’ve been able to convince you that a Car Service Appointment with an authorized service technician in Lagos is an option you should explore soon.

At TyrePro NG, we offer a comprehensive range of professional automotive services, with over 200 mobile fitting vans ready to go, we’re here to help. TyrePro Online Service Appointment Booking makes it easy for you to book your appointment – wherever you are and whatever time of day it is.


Reach out to us via 09138088304, call or WhatsApp.


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